Friday, March 26, 2010

Where Did the Time Go?

Geez, it's been over 10 days since I last posted.  Georgia has moved on to Maryland - Bogey was devastated - and her new mom tells me she walked in the house like she owned it, hasn't had an accident, gets on with the other resident dogs and is perfectly happy to entertain herself if no one wants to play.  The Chesapeake Cardigan Club is having a B match this weekend so Georgia will make her "show" debut there.  I can't wait to hear how she does.

I won't be at the Chesapeake club meeting because Moira is entered in her second agility trial this weekend.  We will be about 2 hours north in Woodbridge, VA.  This trial is being held at another horse arena; this time a fully enclosed one.  Hopefully, Moira will be ok with that.  She can be a little odd about new places, especially ones where the sound moves oddly - as can happen in big, open buildings like that.  We haven't practiced a lot since the last trial due to my work schedule, a bad, bad cold and a cancelled agility class.  We did go to class on Wednesday and she did pretty well.  Although she was feeling her oats a bit and decided to completely blow me off at one point in favor of running to our instructor who was sitting next to the tasty, super-high value meatballs.  I even got woofed when I called her back - very impertinent!

Monday Mr. Sam goes to the vet for some minor surgery.  All winter we've been fighting goopy eyes and red, irritated skin around his eyes.  It would get better and then it would get worse.  He was on antibiotics for something else and that cleared everything up.  When the antibiotics were done, it came back.  We finally figured out two weeks ago that his tear ducts are clogged.  The red, raw irritated skin around the eyes is from the skin being wet all the time with the tears that aren't draining away properly.  So Monday he is having his tear ducts flushed out.  Hopefully, this will do the trick and it won't be an issue again but because it's been going on so long, there's a chance that the ducts are scarred now and will never drain properly.  In which case, I will just have to take extra care with his eyes - wiping them 2x a day with a warm, wet wash cloth.

Updates over the weekend on Moira's trial.


  1. Cedar Run does indeed have noise! It is a very loud building. Wilson, being a sensitive boy, has always stressed out in there. You may want to consider crating from your car. Jimmy has been there ever since he was a puppy and never even noticed the noise. The horsey smells are a whole different story! Good Luck and I'll see you there!

  2. An impertinent red girl -- imagine that! Have a good trial this weekend. I hope the tear duct flushing does the trick for Sam.

  3. I usually work out of my car anyway - hold over from herding trials :) Guess I will have the Rescue Remedy on hand for the weekend.

  4. Good luck and have fun. Ra will do great. Cant wait to hear how it goes. Also, healing wishes for Grandpa Sam.