Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas - A little late

Ann was out of town visiting her family for the holiday so we didn't have Christmas until this morning when she returned.  The dogs really cleaned up this year!

Moira and Bogey got a brand new tunnel for agility practice.  Sam, Ginny and Moira got a new set of high-density foam steps so they can get on the bed (it's 30" tall).  All the dogs got lots of treats and toys - special thanks to Auntie Lynn who sent the freeze dried beef liver that let me get these shots....

Yes, I nearly lost my fingers after this one.  Freeze dried liver is what you call "high value."

Isn't this the sweetest face ever?

Friday, December 25, 2009

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays from all of us at D'Paw and Fairway Cardigans.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

More Snow Day Pics

These were taken in the back yard w/in the last hour.  A few are slightly out of focus and I'm sorry about that.  It's a different, fancy-pants camera that my point and shoot mentality can't seem to use...  I'll post some more photos tomorrow when it has, hopefully, stopped snowing.

The patio table again.  The cooler is there now because we thought we might have to melt snow for water.

Moira and Sam in a face off.

Ginny, dashing through the snow...

Moira and Sam in another face off.  This time, Ra is coming out of Sam's Man Cave under the deck.

Sam has reclaimed his Man Cave.

Enough with the Dreaming of a White Christmas already!

Apparently Mother Nature actually listened to all those folks who profess to want a white Christmas.  It started snowing around 5:30pm yesterday in C'ville.  This was the patio table at 10pm last night....

This is the same view around 10 this morning...

And this is Mr. B enjoying his first real snow.  This week last year we were running up and down Hwy 29 to Dr. Dove's office with Sam so Ruby could get a special UPS delivery.  A year later, the results of that delivery are learning about snow....

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Homework? Over the Holidays?

Yes, Moira and I have agility homework over the holidays.  Last night was our last agility class of the year (indoors, I might add.  Ahh, blessed heat!)

As I mentioned before, the beautiful down-stay I had for herding is gone.  Agility is way more fun and she is totally (can I emphasize it more?), obstacle focused.  So, we have to 1) find a new word for wait/stay and 2) proof the heck out of it.  The new word is going to be "hold."  I am supposed to set her up in front of a jump and lead out while asking her to hold....  Of course, we'll proof in other situations too.

Second assignment is beginning distance work by sending the dog out and away around an obstacle.  I can't use the word "out" because somehow, through no fault of mine, she learned the proper herding meaning for out.  Which is to turn your back to the stock and hustle your butt out of there until told to stop.  So I'll be using "away" for this.  We'll be going away around anything that isn't an agility obstacle to start with and then transition from there.

Last assignment is weaves.  I own a set of 12 channel weaves and I need to get serious about using them.  I trained Sam w/channel weaves so I know how they work.  Ra seems to be getting it - she's getting consistent about finding an entrance but not always the entrance :)  But she drives to and through the channel so at least she is enthusiastic.

All this is leading up to the fact that I've filled out her first agility entry.  The trial opens Jan. 6 and the trial dates are March 6-7.  So I basically have 2 months to get her ready.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Strange Dog

This morning I got further proof, as if I needed it, that the sign on Moira's car crate is accurate.

I've always let the dogs taste different people foods and drinks.  They never get much, just a taste.  This morning Ann had a grapefruit with her breakfast.  I don't like grapefruit - never have.  To me, it's too sour.  I thought Sam might like it though - he has a marked preference for sour; he LOVES all things lemon.  So, I offered Sam what was left of Ann's half a grapefruit.  He thought it was ok.  Ginny looked at me like I was nuts but Ra. Oh Miss Ra, after a couple of licks, she tried to snatch the half from my hands and run off with it. 
Someday I'm going to make Ra a fruit salad with her favorites - grapefruit and banana.  Odd little red dog.

Friday, December 11, 2009

How Cold Was It?

I think I've mentioned before that the agility folks in VA are crazy, right?  We had class last night - OUTSIDE!  When I got home from class, the temp was 34 degrees.  Now, having lived in NE for a few years I was appropriately outfitted for those kinds of temps but it was still damned cold.  BTW - last year I found an amazing site for insulated coveralls.  They are cut for women!  The addy is:  I have a pair and LOVE them.  Plenty comfortable and lightweight enough for running agility or herding.

PuPu did her first big sequence!  It was 9 obstacles and included a lowered teeter.  I am proud to say she is the only dog in the class controlling the teeter tip by herself.  For everyone else, the instructor holds the teeter and then drops it.  Pu was awesome - fast, clean and jumping 12" like the bars weren't even there.  The beautiful stay I had for herding is eroding though :(  Apparently, agility is a lot more fun than herding ever was so she sees no reason to wait to do it.  Honestly, I love that but it means we are going to have to spend some serious time on proofing - without de-motivating.

Now to get serious about weaves....

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Cardi Claus - Opening Night

Opening the package from Cardi Claus nearly caused a riot!  I had to use my best Mom voice to tell the dogs if they couldn't be nice, ALL the toys would be picked up and no one would get to play with them.

First - the adorable ornaments.  Sam thought the red dog was a treat he should eat....

Now for the rest of the pics....

Bogey thought the paper was as much fun as a toy.

Ummm, does anyone know what my address is?

Man, I feel like an idiot.  For the last week or so I've been thinking, did Cardi Claus pass us by?  Has one of the dogs done something so evil that we are permanently on the Naughty list?
Today I checked my PO box....  In my defense, it's the holiday season and I work for a catalog company.  Things get a little crazy around here and I just haven't been able to make it to the PO for several days.  Huh, what do you know?  There's a slip in my box indicating I have a package to pick up.  The package is from Cardi Claus!  Yay!  The Horde and I are not perpetually naughty, I am just temporarily stupid.  I forgot I gave Janet my PO box instead of the street address.

Thank you, thank you, thank you Pearl and Kim!  BTW, we know Topaz down in NC, Casper's sister who lives with Nick and Lisa.

Pictures tonight - Sam LOVES to open presents - after my stylist is done making me a red head again :)

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Eat Mor Chikin

Yesterday I went to Chik-Fil-A for their holiday special - Peppermint Chocolate Chip Milkshake.  YUM!  When I had sucked the cup mostly dry, I let the dogs clean it out for me.  They agree with the Chik Fil A cows - Eat Mor Chikin

PuPu says, "I wish my tongue was as long as Sam's."

Ginny and PuPu.  Note Gin has figured out that it is easier and more effective to actually get the cup in your mouth, rather than your mouth in the cup.

Sammy sucking milkshake and whipped cream out of the straw.  Sorry about the eye reflection - I'm not talented enough to fix that.

Saturday, December 5, 2009


We are getting our first snow of the year here in Virginia!  Ok, it's not like what the folks in the upper Midwest or upstate New York get but, it's still cold, white and pretty.  Ann and I were in hysterics on the way home from work last night.  Predictions are for accumulations of 1-5" today but last night VDOT had already treated the roadways - it was 48 degrees and dry.  No, Virginians are not particularly good at driving in snow.

I took a picture of the front yard with my cell a bit ago.  Sorry for the terrible picture quality.  Ann took the good cameras to work with her today - I'm not sure why.  Later this afternoon we'll try to get some pictures of the Horde playing in the snow.  It will be Bogey's first snow experience.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Looking for Holiday Gifts?

Try Showstopper Gifts.  Valarie and her husband Pat are friends from my days in New England.  They have beautiful Beardies but, Val's artistic gifts are amazing.  I have a couple of pins Val made, one a custom, and have donated her goodies to silent auctions too.  If you don't see exactly what you want on her site, drop her a note and she will work with you to design a custom piece.  No affiliations here, other than Val is a friend whose work I love.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Cardi Claus

Cardi Claus stopped at the post office on her lunch hour....