Saturday, December 19, 2009

More Snow Day Pics

These were taken in the back yard w/in the last hour.  A few are slightly out of focus and I'm sorry about that.  It's a different, fancy-pants camera that my point and shoot mentality can't seem to use...  I'll post some more photos tomorrow when it has, hopefully, stopped snowing.

The patio table again.  The cooler is there now because we thought we might have to melt snow for water.

Moira and Sam in a face off.

Ginny, dashing through the snow...

Moira and Sam in another face off.  This time, Ra is coming out of Sam's Man Cave under the deck.

Sam has reclaimed his Man Cave.


  1. I definitely don't envy you. We like looking out at the mountains -- all white -- while it's sunny and dry here in town.

  2. It sure looks pretty there! That looks about how much we have. Without blazing a trail for the boys, they get tired pretty quickly bounding through 20 inches of snow!

  3. I love that Sam has a man cave. That is a lot of snow! You definately will have a White Christmas. Happy Holidays to all of you.

  4. Sam has had a Man Cave for as long as I can remember. A guy needs his privacy when he's in a house full of women!

  5. Holy cow ..... that's a lot of snow!!