Thursday, December 17, 2009

Homework? Over the Holidays?

Yes, Moira and I have agility homework over the holidays.  Last night was our last agility class of the year (indoors, I might add.  Ahh, blessed heat!)

As I mentioned before, the beautiful down-stay I had for herding is gone.  Agility is way more fun and she is totally (can I emphasize it more?), obstacle focused.  So, we have to 1) find a new word for wait/stay and 2) proof the heck out of it.  The new word is going to be "hold."  I am supposed to set her up in front of a jump and lead out while asking her to hold....  Of course, we'll proof in other situations too.

Second assignment is beginning distance work by sending the dog out and away around an obstacle.  I can't use the word "out" because somehow, through no fault of mine, she learned the proper herding meaning for out.  Which is to turn your back to the stock and hustle your butt out of there until told to stop.  So I'll be using "away" for this.  We'll be going away around anything that isn't an agility obstacle to start with and then transition from there.

Last assignment is weaves.  I own a set of 12 channel weaves and I need to get serious about using them.  I trained Sam w/channel weaves so I know how they work.  Ra seems to be getting it - she's getting consistent about finding an entrance but not always the entrance :)  But she drives to and through the channel so at least she is enthusiastic.

All this is leading up to the fact that I've filled out her first agility entry.  The trial opens Jan. 6 and the trial dates are March 6-7.  So I basically have 2 months to get her ready.


  1. You are ambitious, that is so cool. Good luck with the training, that is a lot of homework, but with a smart girl like Ra, its do-able.

  2. I think signing up for that first trial is very motivating! Then you have a definite date by which you need to get things trained. That first trial also really shows you what needs to be worked on! For Jimmy, it is definitely the table! He does not want to stop! Have fun training!