Saturday, December 5, 2009


We are getting our first snow of the year here in Virginia!  Ok, it's not like what the folks in the upper Midwest or upstate New York get but, it's still cold, white and pretty.  Ann and I were in hysterics on the way home from work last night.  Predictions are for accumulations of 1-5" today but last night VDOT had already treated the roadways - it was 48 degrees and dry.  No, Virginians are not particularly good at driving in snow.

I took a picture of the front yard with my cell a bit ago.  Sorry for the terrible picture quality.  Ann took the good cameras to work with her today - I'm not sure why.  Later this afternoon we'll try to get some pictures of the Horde playing in the snow.  It will be Bogey's first snow experience.


  1. Goodness -- everyone has snow right now. It's beautiful to look at in everyone's pictures... :D

    (Love your crew and all the photos by the way!)

  2. Thanks! They are a handful but a wonderful one.