Sunday, March 7, 2010

Day 2 and a Q for Pu!

Moira got her first agility Q!  It was the last class of the entire trial, Nov A, 12" JWW.  We had a few faults; a refusal and slightly over time but her score was still an 88 so it's a Q.

We didn't arrive until around 12:30 today and still didn't run until after 3pm.  I think that helped her relax and realize that this isn't always going to be an exhausting, all day event.  For standard I chose to just do half the course and then run out.  There were some challenges in the first 6 obstacles that she had expressed concern over yesterday so I wanted to be sure we kept it all fun.

JWW was a nice, flowing course.  The only real challenge was off-side weaves (every course this weekend had them so, it's nice that she is ok w/weaving from either side).  She actually made the entry the first time but pulled out to come back to me.  So I sent her in again and she got them the second time with no trouble.

Here's a couple pictures from today.


  1. yeah!! Congrats on the Q and the good trial!!

  2. Yeah, Congrats! Good job both of you.

  3. She did just like her sister did! Spent the first day getting the lay of the land, then pulling out a jumpers q on next!

    Congratulations and many more Qs to come!!!!

  4. Woohoo! A blue Q for Pu! And the adventure begins....

  5. Congratulations! What a great first weekend for Pu's agility career! You know, green and blue look really nice on her ;)