Thursday, March 4, 2010


Today our wonderful vet, Dr. Hillary, made a house call to perform acupuncture on Sam. Sam has had acupuncture treatments on and off since last winter and, I think, he responds very well to them. Today Dr. Hillary did something a little different though. She tried electro-acupuncture on Sam. Basically, she inserted all the needles and then attached a machine to the needles that sends a very low voltage of electrical stimulation through the needles. It is supposed to enhance the treatment and actually make the results last longer. Sam must have thought it was feeling pretty good because after about 5 minutes he lied down and rolled over on his back with a groan. Unfortunately, that caused all the needles to be dislodged. He seems to be feeling pretty good tonight so we'll have to see how long this lasts.

Moira got to have a few needles as well. Moira's needles were aimed at helping take the edge off. She can be pretty intense and a bit high-strung. I have to say, I think they worked like a charm. She has been so quiet and relaxed tonight.

Ginny got some attention too - no needles, just loves and belly rubs. We did notice she has a small lump near one nipple though. About 7 years ago Gin had benign mammary adenomas removed. One was very involved in the mammary gland and they ended up removing the entire nipple. I try to give Gin a breast examine every month. The lump we found today is small but will bear watching. If it starts growing and/or changing, Miss Gin will need to go in for a lumpectomy.


  1. We haven't tried the electric version, but Wilson will doze off during an accupuncture session once he's over the initial stress of being handled by the vet. Fortunately, my agility school sponsors a chiro vet every other Tuesday, so it's convenient and in a happy environment which also helps.

  2. I would love to have easy access to a chiro for all the dogs. Dr. Hillary is opening her own clinic this fall and hopes to be able to offer all kinds of holistic/alternative/integrative therapies. I can't wait.