Saturday, March 6, 2010

Day 1: No Q for Pu

We are finally home from Day 1 of Moira's first agility trial. It was, to say the least, a LONG day. We got there around 7:30, got measured around 7:45 (11.75" by both measuring judges so we have a permanent card now) and then we waited, and waited, and waited....

Novice didn't start until nearly 3:30pm. Our standard run was pretty much what I expected; lots of off courses as Moira finally realized why we were there and got some yahoos out. She was happy though and I kept it light and happy. I think it was, overall, a good experience for her. I was very pleased that even when she was going off course and losing connection w/me she would come back when called. For a dog that a year ago was not reliable off-leash, that is a huge accomplishment.

Jumpers didn't get started until nearly 5pm. No Q there - again, lots of off courses but she did get the weaves on the 3rd try so I was thrilled with that. She was also very, very fast so I know she was having a good time.

We are entered again tomorrow but I won't bother driving over until noon at the earliest. It's hard on both of us to wait all day. So I will have a leisurely morning at home, indulging in my favorite weekend breakfast (bacon and grits), and doing some of my weekend chores. Moira will get to hang out with Sam, Gin and Bogey and relax until it's time to go.

Now, off to change clothes and set myself up in the living room with a heating pad on my lower back. All that standing has tightened everything up. Getting older sucks.


  1. Ya gotta love those long Novice days! At least you got your measuring done and lucky Moira will get to jump 8 inches! I am jealous of that for sure! Sounds like she had a good time and that's what counts! And I hear you about the back thing, I have the same issue!

  2. No, she's over 11" - it's 12" class for her. I could do 8" preferred but her body type and jumping style make 12" doable. She did have a really good time and this morning we are relaxing and taking our time to get there.

  3. Oh, I guess I am forgetting the height rules. I thought if your dog measured under 12, they got to jump 8. I would rather jump them at 8 certainly, but Jimmy seems OK jumping 12 since he is pretty light boned. Wilson has always been in Preferred 8" from the very start as he just isn't that athletic.