Monday, March 29, 2010

Poor Sammy

Sammy spent the day with Dr. Hillary today.  His tear ducts needed flushing and while he was under (the first time he's had any procedure done since I got him nearly 8 years ago) I had her check his teeth too.  His teeth are actually in good shape for a nearly 12 year old but there was some routine maintenance that needed to be done. He had a couple of fractured incisors and one fractured pre-molar - all on the right side.  So I guess we know which side he chews on.  All 3 teeth were pulled.  Oh and she did his toe nails too - Doberman short :)

So tonight my man isn't feeling too good.  He's had pain meds and ice cream (the doctor said soft food) and lots of water.  I'll soak his kibble into mush before I feed him.  There's a crate set up in the living room so he can hang with the family but do it in a man cave, out of the way.  I'm going to go lie on the floor with him for a bit too.

Poor old man.  Getting old sucks.


  1. Cooper sends his Grandpa "get well arrrooooos."

  2. Hope Sam feels better soon! Wilson has already had a tooth pulled (a couple years back even!) so it doesn't have anything to do with old age, just powerful jaws!