Sunday, March 14, 2010

Puppy Breath

This weekend I drove down to NC to see the most recent Sam litter.  What a pleasure!  This litter turned out to be quite nice.  The 3 girls are all show quality and incredibly consistent.  The 2 boys are fluffs but incredibly cute - and available if you are interested!  Liz has 2 litters right now that are ready to go.  All the pups had the most wonderful, solid, outgoing personalities/temperaments.  One of the girls, Georgia, made the ride back to VA with me.  She won't be staying here, she'll be moving on to her final home in MD this week but her visit is giving us a reminder of what having a puppy is like.  Mr. B just adores her and has been playing with her all night.  He absolutely dwarfs her (no pun intended) but plays so gently that we're not a bit worried that he will hurt her.

Here are some pics from the weekend.  No stacked shots, all just fun ones.

The available puppy boys, Luke and Johnny.

Two of the girls practicing their mud wrestling moves

Georgia getting a drink and taking a foot bath.

Georgia and her big brother, Bogey, playing tug.

Georgia playing w/Mr. Duck

Lilly - Good night all.


  1. Everyone is always asking me for a fluffy red boy JUST like Magic. Well, being distant cousins, these 2 are might fit that mold. I will be sure to mention them.

  2. Lucky you to spend some weekend time with puppies!

  3. Thanks Dawn! Direct them to Liz Hillebrand, Cadnoclun Cardigans in Mocksville, NC.