Thursday, March 11, 2010


So, I put Moira and Bogey out tonight after they ate.  For a change, Moira was being quiet.  I started reading a book, watching TV and doing laundry (yes, I'm an excellent multi-tasker).  Moira was still being quiet.  I was engrossed in my activities and didn't realize it was raining.  Moira was still being quiet.  I suddenly realize, it's raining really hard.  Oh crap!  Moira and Bogey are still outside!

I ran to the back door and beheld two very soggy dogs staring at the door trying desperately to open it through the power of their minds.  I locked up Sam and Gin and brought the baby dogs in the house.

Have I mentioned that Bogey has a rather luxurious coat?  The length is correct but there is scads of it, it's wavy like Sam's and it's very soft.  Do you know what happens to a coat like that when the humidity is high?  Immediate puppy afro!  He looks 3x his normal size.  Understanding House Mate is at a meeting tonight so she hasn't seen her baby boy yet.


PS - I'm grateful that the baby dogs chose to stay on the deck rather than run around in the red clay mud pit that is now the back yard.


  1. Understanding House Mate wishes her hair had as much volume as her baby boy. Need to get better product. :)

  2. Ha! Ha! Poor babies! That's happened around here before, too! I find them wedged against the back door.