Monday, April 4, 2011

This, That and Who Shot the Cat (No one, it's just a saying!)

I know, the blog is woefully out of date.  No posts since March 19th, a snowy header photo....It's all just going to hell in a hand basket.  I'm sorry not to have posted in a while.  It's not because nothing is going on, believe me.  Living with a Horde of Red Dogs means there's always something happening.  I just haven't felt much like posting these days.  Work is not good right now and a lot of things are up in the air for me.  I'm hoping that the next couple of weeks will bring some sort of resolution to the situation.

UHM and I both got new smart phones last month and, so far, Georgia has not gotten a hold of either one of them.  Although there was a particular look of delight in her eyes when she saw me using the new phone.  Her eyes were saying "Ooooh!  Look, a new chewie just for me."  G leaves for the National this weekend.  She's going with her breeder, Liz.  She's entered in 15-18 month sweeps, bred by and brace (with her momma, newly minted GCh Aberdovey's Infatuation).  Be sure to love on the baby girl if you see her at the National - but keep a tight hold on your cell phone, camera, etc.  This will be the first time she and Bogey have been separated since she came to live with us in September.  I have a feeling there is going to be one lonely little boy dog in the house.

The odd spring weather we've been having has meant Moira's agility class has been cancelled several times in the last few weeks.  That means Moira is being a holy terror at home.  Lack of focused exercise is not good for any of us.  I know, I should be taking her for walks but, see paragraph 1 and work.  That, added to the odd weather has deterred me from my parental duties.  Saturday she was so wound up that she ended up pitching an absolute hissy fit when the BC that lives behind us was in his yard.  He wasn't running or anything, he was pooping.  Moira was barking as though he had an entire flock of sheep, a tennis ball and a frisbee back there.

Ginny is, as always, practically perfect in every way.  She is due a vet visit for a dental and removal of a growth on her chest.  The growth looks to be involved in one of her mammary glands but I've been keeping an eye on it and it's not growing nor does it feel like it's attached to anything.  I also haven't found any other lumps so I'm not panicking.  Sam's Thousand Dollar Testicle put a big dent in the bank account and I need to get a little more $$ ahead before there is another surgery.

And then there's Sam.  So far his recovery from surgery is great.  He feels good and he's flirting and playing with Moira and Gin a lot.  It will be another few weeks before we can try collecting on him again to see if the other testicle can still produce viable sperm.  I'm kind of waiting on G to come into season so he has a little encouragement :)  He's also still a cranky old man on a regular basis and feels the need to pee in the front room when he is mad about something.  I want to get the carpet replaced in there this spring and then he will have to wear a Weenie Wrap (or Wacker Packer) for the rest of his life.  He's also going to be featured on a redesigned website.  Problem Solvers is a sister brand to Plow & Hearth.  The brand was started several years ago then all but abandoned for the last few years.  The new owners are resurrecting it and part of the resurrection is a new website.  The site will go live in a little over a week with a new department called "Pet Solutions."  Here's the header of the landing page for the department:
Click to biggify.

I'm not even sure how to feel about this - or the fact that, at least on my monitor, his tongue looks grey.


  1. I can relate to your thought about work. It takes up so much of life that if it's not going well, it's hard to make anything else go well.

    I can also relate to the crazy yard barking. Last week someone came and rang our doorbell, then left. I'm still in denial that they were trying to make a point/alert us to the 2 crazy barking dogs in our yard. Ironically, the doorbell made all 3 dogs start barking. Thanks, neighbor.

    Good luck with the Horde. Yeah, Sam's tongue looks purple/grey on my monitor, too. Perhaps he's got some Chow Chow in him?

  2. So sorry about the work situation; that'll certainly blow the wind out of one's sails. I wasn't aware Plow&Hearth had changed owners; as a survivor of multiple bank mergers, I know about the trials that can ensue when new folks come to town. Hope it clears up for you soon.

    That's great news about Lucy getting her GCh; I updated JF's page just now. We'll be rooting for Georgia.

    And yeah, the spring weather has been sucky. JF and Dewi bark like raving maddogs out my front windows at my neighbor's preschoolers and their sitter all day. Good times.

    Poor Sam. I am assuming a Weenie Wrap is not what happens with Dr. Dove.

    It's great that Sam is getting his own header, but yes, the legendary tongue is kinda grey. BTW, I still can't make a decision about the stair barrier. Dewi's getting neutered this week, so I haven't wanted to spend any extra $ myself. Guess I'll keep using the chairs for now.

    BTW, aside from the work stuff, your post made me laugh - a lot. :)

  3. I'm still stuck on Wacker Packer...

    I can totally relate to the work thing. After living for 3 years with the ax hanging over my head, I've just thrown up my hands and keep hoping either my job will return to "normal" or I'll find a new one. It really does affect the rest of your life when things at work suck!

    Nick says he would gladly come keep Bogey company, especially since Bogey is friendly and doesn't snarl, steal toys, attempt to eat his food, etc. Like some other corgis we know, ahem.

    Interesting about the revived spinoff line from P&H. Also interesting how Sam's tongue now looks like an eggplant. :-P

    Hang in there. Are you going to try and make it up to MD for the puppy party? I hope so...we are planning on going!

  4. Work. Most of the time now I'm close enough to retirement that I can just laugh it off. But not all of the time. And somehow I apparently inherited some gene that made me want to *care* about being perfect and getting everything done. (I hasten to add that it's the "day job" I'm speaking of here.)

    I'm still stuck on the "wacker packer" too.

  5. who said bogey
    doesnt snarl, etc. Im just asking....

  6. who said bogey
    doesnt snarl, etc. Im just asking....

  7. "Wacker Packer" is the name my mother uses for a belly band. Apparently she was at a local dog show and one of the vendors there was selling them under that name. It makes me chuckle. Almost as much as the instructions on the belly band I bought him last year that indicated it needed to "cover his manly contours."
    My issue with work is that I have this crazy notion that I need to like and be interested in what I'm doing if I am going to be expected to work +40 (more like 50-60) hours a week. That doesn't jive with the new owners idea of a valuable employee.