Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spring Redecorating!

To heck with spring cleaning!  I'm going to do some spring redecorating.  About two years ago, UHM and I painted the kitchen with Sherwin-Williams 'Sassy Green' which, depending on your monitor, is either a really cool color or looks like a sick avocado.  I can assure you, on the wall it is really cool.  At the time I wanted to do some kind of window treatment but just never got around to it - and UHM is all about light so she tends to avoid a lot of window treatments.

Lately, the harsh look of that window has been bothering me.  Today, I convinced UHM that a valance would look great on that window - that it would 'soften' the look a little without impeding her view or our ability to use the window as a point of egress.  Here's where there is Cardigan content - the window is large enough and low enough (and it slides) that we use it as a means of entering and exiting the house when we don't want dogs to crowd the doors trying to get in or out.  Sad, I know.

Anyway, we were out and about today and, since I was driving, I drove us to a fabric store!  The store is actually a quilting fabric store but since they have so many gorgeous fabrics I knew we would find the right one - and we did!  It's Michael Miller's 'Anjou Pour Vous' and is part of his French Journal collection.  We got a contrasting fabric to do a border as well - a bright tangerine - that will really pop against the Sassy Green.

I'm not a particularly skilled seamstress but I feel pretty confident that I can sew straight seams and hems then use curtain clips to hang this.  Maybe I will even be able to get it done before next weekend!  Pictures when it's completed!

Tomorrow we are going to Richmond to visit with Nick of Nick the Cardi - International Man of Mystery.  Bogey wants to see his great nephew again (he met him briefly in Chattanooga).  There should be some good photo and video ops.


  1. Give Big Nick a squeeze for me!!

  2. I am envious of people who can sew anything. Can't wait to see pix. BTW, my kitchen is a SW/Duron Historic Charleston green called Acanthus (grass). From the outside in bright light, it kinda looks like nuclear waste - but I still love it.
    Have fun with Nick and crew - we'll all need to get together once he's older and has had all his shots.