Sunday, March 13, 2011


If today is any indicator, Spring is just around the corner.  Guess I need to start thinking about a new photo for the header on the blog.  I spent some time today taking pics of all the dogs.  The Baby Dogs I shot from inside the house.  The Big Dogs I shot while I was outside with them.  Sam is incredibly difficult to take pictures of.  He never stops moving and he always wants to be near me.  Ginny is a terrific model although she only seems to have one pose; I have dozens of pictures of her in this same pose from the last 8 years.  Moira is tough to shoot too.  She's also a perpetual motion machine and her tongue never seems to be in her mouth.  Here are what I think are the best shots of the day.  Little or no editing here....






  1. The Heathen Horde had an awesome early spring day!

  2. That's the best looking horde of red "heathens" I've ever seen! Sam and Ginny look so distinguished (they both have such old soul expression in their faces). We (boys and I) are looking forward to seeing everyone later this spring.

  3. Aw, they all look so happy! Spring is definitely in the air. Hey, I saw your comment about help on ear taping - we have one at half-mast and one still hanging out so I figured we'd wait a week and then see where they are. I'll let you know if we need a field trip to visit the Horde!

  4. Sure, just let me know. Sam is not particularly welcoming of puppies- unless you provide dipping sauce for them (sweet & sour is his fave) but everyone else is good with them.

  5. What a very handsome Horde you have!