Saturday, March 5, 2011

Air Moira Ready for Takeoff

This weekend is the first agility trial of the year.  It's an AKC trial hosted by the local kennel club and happens to be the trial where Moira got her first Q last year.

We didn't pick up any Qs today - someone gets entirely too amped up - but we did have some really nice moments in both our runs.  I was especially pleased with JWW as the course was wicked for novice dogs - no less than 4 rear crosses!  She read and executed every rear cross perfectly!  I love having a dog that can do rear crosses.

Here's video of our Standard run.  Check out the air Girlfriend gets going over the A Frame - and the "Whooo" you hear from the crowd.  She was FLYING.


  1. You both look like you're having so much fun!! She's a quick girl.

  2. That looks like a lot of fun. She sure did clear the top of that A-frame!

  3. LOL - I love UHM's comment in the background...

    Way to go Ra! That was some run on the A-frame, did her back legs ever touch the bottom?

  4. Grace is not quite that entheusiastic. Go RA!

  5. She looks like she had a great time! Nice A-frame and she got her contacts too.

    I love a course with rear crosses. :o)

    But that weave entry was tricky in your Standard course too.