Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Houston, We Have a Winner

I'm thrilled to report that last night Georgia's mom, Lucy (Ch Aberdovey's Infatuation), was awarded Best Red Bitch, Best of Opposite Sex to Best Cardigan, and Runner Up to Best Cardigan in the Megan Competition at the national Specialty.

The Megan is a champions-only match held each year in honor of the first breed champion Cardigan.  It's the only time Cardigans are separated and judged by color with the best dog and bitch of each of 4 colors going back in to compete for Best Cardigan (the final class is an 8 dog lineup).  It's incredibly prestigious to win any of the color classes not to mention the big prizes.  It's especially exciting for a red to do so well.

Today is the start of regular showing with both puppy and veteran sweeps.  Those begin at 9am standard time.  I will be anxiously awaiting news of how Miss Georgia does.  She's got some awful big paw prints to follow in!


  1. Whoooo! I saw Jinnie's updates on FB and all she said was "red bitch" - I had no idea it was Lucy! That is so exciting, especially for a red!

    Good luck to Miss Georgia - she might need a pre-match Blackberry to chew on for luck, any takers on that?

  2. Good luck to Georgia! That is very exciting about her mama!

  3. That's very cool. I wish Jon Farleigh could have been there to see his mama and sister compete. I will drop Liz a note.

    We'll be hoping for good news on the Georgia front!