Sunday, April 24, 2011

The White House Ain't Got Nothin' on Us

Video of the first annual Heathen Horde Easter Egg Roll.  Only Bogey & Georgia got to participate since they are the least likely to start a row over food.  Oh, and Bogey got his summer buzz cut this week - which is why he looks so funny but, he'll thank us as the temps and humidity start to rise!


  1. 1) Awesome idea! (I'm stealing it tomorrow to use leftover dyed eggs.)
    2) JF and Georgia are definitely littermates! I can so see him in her.
    3) Bogey's not a fluff anymore! Wow! :) (JF's got a grooming appt. on May 5 - we'll see how short it goes...)

  2. This is great. You are so creative with play time.

  3. Elizabeth - Even more fun is a wet, peeled, hard boiled egg on hardwood floors :)

    Bogey's clip too him down to 1" and should leave him cool and comfy for the summer.

  4. Cute! Even these two were a bit concerned that the other one had a better egg! Dogs are so funny about food!

  5. I'll have to get out our hard boiled eggs tonight and see what the boyz do. Nick got into the plastic eggs yesterday and was chasing them all over the house. Hope y'all had a great Easter!