Wednesday, April 13, 2011

National Update - Day 1, Sweeps

Marla called this morning to give me her assessment of Miss G.  She stands by her original opinion of a year ago but does say that we are going to have to be patient while the girl grows up.  See Miss G comes from lines that mature slowly but that's actually a good thing.  It means that, while it will take longer for her to reach her full potential, there's a good chance that once she reaches it she will be really competitive in the breed ring for a longer period of time.

So, the results from this morning's 15-18 month sweepstakes class are that our girl wasn't in the ribbons.  It's ok with me though, I know that in a couple of years she will be just as successful as her mom and grandma (who's won the National TWICE!).

Tomorrow Georgia and her mom, Lucy, will be shown in the brace class.  Brace is where two dogs from the same breeder are shown together to demonstrate the consistency in the breeder's line.  Georgia and her mother are nearly carbon copies of each other so this should be fun.  Hoping someone at the National will get pictures.


  1. She is a special girl - and just needs to age like a fine wine! And maybe she needs more electronics to snack on. Hope to see some pictures from tomorrow's events!

  2. Miss G's like a fine wine. She can't help but age well with her parentage. Fingers and toes crossed for brace!