Sunday, April 17, 2011

Batten Down the Hatches

Update:  Seems we were very smart to protect the shrubs.  This morning (4/21)  I watched Georgia repeatedly circle one of the protected azaleas.  When she couldn't find a weak spot in the cage, she decided to try digging under it.  Brat!

You may have heard there was some wild weather is this part of the world yesterday.  Fortunately, we escaped with high winds and a ridiculous amount of rain.  The rain did wash a lot of the mulch and gravel down the hill in the back yard but that is fixable.  However, we are still preparing for some wild times here at The Ranch.

Georgia returns home on Tuesday.  She's had a great time at her first National Specialty.  She's not bringing home any ribbons but she got to see her mom do really well at the show and she got to spend time with her Aunties Liz, Marla, Diana and Mac.  Apparently a few people even offered to buy the Princess!  Not that we would ever sell but I think if Liz had ended up having to replace a cell phone on this trip she might have been tempted :)

In preparation for the return of Georgia, UHM and I did some yard work today.  The young, tender shrubs in the back yard are now wearing crinolines of wire to protect them from the predations of the baby dogs.  And to think we used to worry about deer eating the plants.
Azaleas along the left side of the yard.

Azaleas directly off the deck.

A row of Hydrangeas along the back.


  1. I got to see Georgia in bred-by. She is a pretty girl, who looked really cute, and showed well. That was a tough class, with a lot of nice girls. I also got to see her mom show - she's a beauty, too.

    I know what you mean about significant others wanting to get rid of wild dogs. Mandy & Carolyn offered to take Rip to the NW to show him. Thankfully they didn't make that offer when The Husband was around, or I might not have a Trio right now.

  2. I'm glad you got to see the Princess. She has a lot of growing up to do but we have all the time in the world for her to do it :)
    Fortunately, Georgia doesn't live w/Liz so I know she wouldn't sell her :)

  3. Talk about battening down the bush is safe from the Georgia Peach! :-)

    I did finally get to see Lucy on video and wow, Georgia has a beautiful mom! There are some big pawprints to follow in....

  4. Oh gosh. You'll have such wonderful color next spring! We can't keep a single azalea alive in our yard - just not the right soil and sunlight. Hydrangeas love it, though. Love them.

    Hope Miss G doesn't try to rip off all those skirts - they are shiny. :) I know she'll be so happy to be home!