Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Now It's Real

This evening I got the final email confirmation for Moira's first trial and the running order.  Doesn't it just figure that Ra is the ONLY Nov A, 12" dog?

We have to be there at 7:45am for measuring but, I'm guessing novice won't run until close to 2pm.  Ugh.  I remember this from when I was running Sam.  It sucks to be in Novice because you almost always run last.  At least Saturday is small to tall.  Wow!  Out of 304 runs on Saturday, only 40 are dogs jumping under 16" - no 4" dogs. Can you guess what most of the agility dogs here are?  I'm betting Shelties, Aussies and BCs.

Today I also got an email confirmation for the trial at the end of March.  The trial secretary for that one is a Corgi (Pem) person so they are running small to tall both days :)


  1. I'm looking forward to getting updates on your trials. It's so much fun (and a bit nerve-wracking) to run at a trial for the first time.

    And the benefit of being the only one in your class: if you Q, you're blue!

  2. Thanks. I don't expect the first couple of trials to be all that successful - they will be more about getting Moira used to the atmosphere. She's been to lots of herding trials but those are very different from agility. I'm really glad this first trial is local so we can sleep in our own beds and not have to travel too far.

  3. Question for you? Since you have already trialed with Sam and I assume put agility titles on him, shouldn't you have Moira entered in Nov B? I am never sure how that A/B stuff works, but I did enter Jimmy in Nov B stuff.....

  4. I never put an AKC title on Sam :) I put NADAC titles on him but, not AKC. So, it's a technicality but one I am embracing.

  5. Ah, it makes total sense now! Nov A is the right place as far as AKC is concerned!