Saturday, February 27, 2010

Brought To You By The Letter "B"

Today is a Big day.  It all started about a year ago when a Baby was Born. He was little to begin with

But pretty soon he got Bigger, until he was Big enough to go home with his new mommy, who named him Bogey!

When he arrived at his new home, he continued to get Bigger, and he made a new Best friend...

He kept getting Bigger and he even went to the Beach!

But all the time, he was getting Bigger. And sometimes he got loooonger and skinnier while he was getting Bigger..

Until one day, he got so Big that he had to have a BIRTHDAY!

Happy First Birthday Mr. B!  aka All Trade Fairway Xceeds Par


  1. Happy Birthday from Cousin Cooper who also loves your momma, Ruby. LOL.

  2. hope you have a Bodacious Birthday Bonanza!