Sunday, February 21, 2010

No More Tyranny

This morning I'd had it with Mother Nature and Old Man Winter and their spat that has left central VA with record snow fall for the season and left me, my weave poles and my training plans hostage.  Today we would execute our escape plans.

First, I surveyed my battlefield and planned my rescue mission.

Once I had freed the weave poles from their snowy prison, I cleared an escape route armed only with the "World's Best Shovel."

I know it's the World's Best Shovel because it has a label that says so...

Then we made our escape.....

Despite Mother Nature's version of Flying Monkeys (Squirrels) trying to distract us..

Oh sweet freedom!  First trial, 2 weeks away, National 62 days.


  1. Yea! You are lucky to have such a level driveway! Mine has been free of snow for ages now, but it is 1) cement (no good for repetitive exercise) 2) slopes downhill away from the garage. So for me, it is not a viable work area. I need to work jump chutes, and I don't see that happening until a summer drought hits, and the swamp in my backyard dries up!

  2. This summer the driveway will be paved w/asphalt. Not good for jumping but I think it will still work for weaves. I am DREADING the melt in the backyard which has no grass...