Monday, February 8, 2010

It was better than the Donner Party....

Finally!  We have power again and I can check email, read blogs, etc.

The snow started falling at 7am Friday, Feb. 5, 2010.  Here are the stats from this weekend's storm:

6 - number of potatoes wrapped in foil we cooked in the fireplace
16 - inches of snow accumulated
36 - number of hours snow fell
46 - total hours without electricity
49 - temperature in the house this morning when the power came back on

The 16" of snow was on top of snow accumulations from earlier in the week.  We have around 2 feet on the ground right now and it is heavier, wet snow.  It packs very nicely.  They are predicting another storm starting tomorrow and that is supposed to dump another 3-5" on top of what we already have.  This is the never ending winter!


  1. Holy cow!! Glad no pipes froze and you had plenty of dogs to keep you warm.

  2. We got alot more snow than you, but I sure am glad our power outage was only 9 hours! The official total at Dulles Airport was 32 inches and that's just a couple of miles from me.

  3. I hope your power remains on for the next pile of white stuff. And hopefully spring is coming...

  4. I'm sorry our storms keep coming at you. This is definitely a winter like no other (at least in recent memory)

  5. Yikes! Glad you made it through but that is a long time with no power!

  6. We did 7 days without power about 3 years back. The first two nights were so cozy and romantic. Cooking by the fire, got the old coffee percolator out, heated water for baths etc...

    By day 4 I was about to hurt someone...

    Thank doG for the shower facilities at work or many a dog would have been injured!