Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday X Games

Ok, I have to admit that this snow event wasn't nearly as bad as the last.  We ended up with a total of 7" and that's actually a perfect amount for lots of things.  It's not too much to shovel off the deck and driveway, the dogs don't struggle to get through it and if you have a backyard with a fairly steep hill, you can sled on it....

After the chores were done today, Ann and I decided to pull out the Snow Saucer and do some sliding in the backyard.  Of course, we had plenty of assistance.  So much so that Sam and Gin had to go back in the house because they decided that the saucer was a tug toy.  It now looks like a boogie board that has been shark bit - by small sharks :)

Below are some the of the pictures from our afternoon of sledding...

By the way, you can also see Bogey on today's Daily Corgi Snow Dogs post.

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  1. My guys can't be anywhere near sledding! The herding instinct goes so haywire that they scare the crap out of the kids (and their moms!). Barking, biting the sleds, boots, just absolutely wild! If it's just us, we take them for rides down the hill on the saucer. They like that.