Saturday, January 2, 2010

Ringing in the New Year

Yesterday Ann and I had our 2nd annual New Year's Day Open House.  We had about 30 people over for an afternoon of food, conversation and cocktails.  The menu included Black Eyed Peas (for luck), Coleslaw (for money) and Ham (for health).  We also had German Potato Salad, Peach Cobbler, Smoked Turkey Breast and all kinds of snackin' foods.  Sam and Gin joined in the socializing while the baby dogs (Moira and Bogey) stayed in crates in my room.  Moira doesn't do well with strangers in the house and 30 of them would have meant months or years of therapy for her.  Bogey, at 10 months, hasn't hosted a shindig yet and knowing there would be lots of people coming and going we didn't want to lose track of him.  I have to say how proud I am of Sam and Gin.  There were several children at the party who hugged, hung on and petted the dogs almost constantly and my two senior citizens took it all in stride.  It probably helped that they were fed nearly half a bag of tortilla chips by those same children!

Today I got the news that Sam is a baby daddy again.  Ch. Aberdovey's Infatuation, Lucy, delivered 6 puppies yesterday via c-section.  There are 4 girls and 2 boys, all are reds or sables.  Liz Hillebrand, Lucy's mom, says the pups are huge!  Everyone is doing well and I hope to have pictures to post soon.

Hope you all had as wonderful a New Year as we did.  I'm looking forward to everything that the new year, and new decade, has in store for us.


  1. Happy New Year Dina! We had a similiar meal at John's mom's house, with each particular food for luck, health, money, etc., too. She serves it every New Years Day......

  2. Happy New Year! What great senior citizens. I can't wait to see pics of Sam's pups.