Sunday, January 24, 2010

Agility Fun Thrus

Yesterday I got together with 2 other gals, and their dogs, for some agility run thrus at the training facility near my house.  We set up 2 different courses, a jumpers course and a standard course - both included a set of 6 weaves (channel wide open).

I was really pleased with how Ra did overall.  For a novice dog she did a great job of reading my handling on novice courses.  This was only the second time she ran something approaching a full course and she stayed focused and with me.  I was super pleased with how she found the weaves on the jumpers course.  Even when I got off-line, she made a bee-line for them.  She's jumping 12" and doing it with ease!  At one point, there were a couple of jumps set at 16" (we forgot to lower them after another dog ran) and, even in the midst of a full run, she gathered herself, launched and cleared those with a good 6" to spare - WOW!

Now for the couple of things I wasn't so pleased with.  The start line stay is still not there.  I've got to start proofing her with agility equipment.  She's rock solid with food, going outside or watching the big dogs go outside but, you put a jump in front of her and all bets are off.  Also, her down on the table has eroded.  I think she was so amped up with running the course that, like a lot of dogs, she doesn't want that slow down at the table.  And, of course, we need to get the weaves.  Lastly, she's starting to get very vocal when other dogs run.  She barks and lunges - like any good herding dog who sees another animal running.  I'll need to work on some attention games with her so we can be closer to the rings and gates when trialing starts.

Overall, it was a great 2 hours of practice and maybe the best part was how soundly she slept when we got home :)


  1. It's red dogs. I swear it is. My red girl (pretty much unrelated to your crew) is a huge mouth when it's not her turn on an agility course. It should ALWAYS be her turn in her not so humble opinion.

  2. Did Ra measure out at 12? Scout measured at 8. Sounds like they run alot alike as far reading their handlers.

  3. Nah, it's not red dogs....My little black Jimmy is the same way. At class I must cover his crate otherwise he is screaming his fool head off because some other dog is running when it should only be him! And I can't even think of running Wilson if Jimmy is in a crate. A cover won't even shut him up then. He has to be in the car when it is Wilson's turn!

  4. Ra hasn't been measured yet - that will happen at our first trial. I think she's a little leggier than Scout though. Normally, I wouldn't run a Cardi at 12" but she's light boned, lighter weight and so stinking athletic that I think 12" will be fine. My instructor is very aware of health issues and she even said she thinks Ra should jump 12. So we'll give it a shot.