Sunday, January 10, 2010

I'd Like to Report a Robbery

Officer, I'd like to report a robbery.  I was having pizza for dinner tonight and I left a piece of crust on my plate while I was putting another piece of wood on the fire.  When I returned to the plate, the crust was gone and I heard a chomping noise from the floor.  Did I get a look at the suspect?  Yes.  The suspect was between 10 and 12" at the shoulder, red hair, mostly white ears and had pizza sauce on her chin.  I believe she goes by the name of Moira, aka Ra, aka PuPu, aka Pu Head, aka Stinkerbell.  I tried to pursue the suspect but the evidence was swallowed before I could catch her.

Will you put out a BOLO on her?  Please advise officers to proceed with caution.  She is agility trained and may attempt to elude capture by jumping, running through tunnels or climbing the A frame.


  1. At least no blood was drawn. I was trying to share my crusts tonight with a certain brindle barracuda and nearly drew back nubs afterwards.

    What did the checker at Home Depot say when you had 6 plungers in your cart? :p

  2. Retaining fingers is always a trick when it comes to pizza bones. The only one I can actually hand a crust to is Ra. Sam and Gin I just toss it in the air and step back.

    Haven't bought plungers yet. This weekend was nice enough that we got outside to use the channel weaves. She's enthusiastic about working so that's half the battle.

  3. Pizza bones are consider a delicacy in our house and have been known to start a scuffle or two while jocking for position to intently stare at the human consumer!

  4. Usually, Moira has a problem with drooling. She will stand on me and drool like a St. Bernard - spit bubbles and everything. I'm not sure that waiting until I left to steal the pizza bones was a better solution.

  5. Yep, those Pizza Bones are in hign demand around my home as well. Definitely high on the favorite food list!