Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Maybe I Overcommitted

I mailed Moira's first agility trial entry today.  The trial is March 6-7, in C'ville so it's a "home" game.  Here's the thing - I have agility tomorrow night and then my class is taking a break until Feb. 3!

I don't have weaves yet and I don't have a full-height teeter.  Think I can get the weaves in the time I have?  I have a set of channel weaves at home but the weather has not been cooperative lately.  Nearly 2 feet of snow last month and super cold temps since make the idea of working outside unappealing.  I can't exactly haul the weaves inside.....

What was I thinking??


  1. Do you know someone with a garage that might let you set up weaves inside in the evening when they aren't working on cars? How about a realtor friend who has some empty commercial or industrial buildings for sale or lease? You couldn't leave your equipment set up -- and it won't work for jumping, but it could work for getting the weave work done.

  2. Weaves inside? Isn't that what hallways are for..? One of my friends who has multiple-MACH's uses her hallway to work her dogs on things like tunnels - she figures it's extra practice. I don't know how she makes it down her hallway, but I always find it comforting to find dog people crazier than I am ;)

    On the up side, you've still got 2 months (there's bound to be some nice weather in there - right?) AND since novice only requires 6 weaves and allows multiple tries, you just might get it done!

    Good luck!

  3. Sister Scout only had three classes before her first agility trial. We only did jumpers, but she q'd one day and did pretty good the other day when she didn't q.

    We've done the weave poles in the hallway thing. You can always line up 6 plungers too.

  4. Hmm. Asked very understanding roommate about putting plungers down the hall - she said no. Guess that is the limit of her understanding.
    We all know Scout is a prodigy :) Ra is very cautious and not nearly as biddable.
    We should have some nice weather at some point in the next 2 months. And if we don't, it will be agility in the rain, cold, etc.

  5. I am sure you will find some time before March to practice weaves outside. You are welcome to use my 2x2's, they would fit in the house very easily using just enough for a 6 pole set.

    My guys had agility class last night after a long break and no home practice. Needless to say, they were wild monkeys, both of them!

  6. Typically understanding housemate was asked about plungers down the hallway before 7:00 this morning. Housemate had a different response after fortifying her brain cells for the day with two cups of coffee and cold medicine. :) Plunge away I say!

  7. The fun part is going to Home Depot and getting the reaction from the checker when you show up with 6 plungers in your cart.