Thursday, January 28, 2010

Practically Perfect in Every Way

I was actually thinking about this post earlier today and then I went to Taryn's blog "A Tail of Two Cardis" where she asked us to describe our dogs in 6 words.  My words for Ginny are - Practically perfect in every way. Tolerant.

Mary Poppins fans out there will recognize the first part of it :)  I frequently say that Ginny is the Mary Poppins of Cardigans.  I know she doesn't get much exposure in my blog.  More often I tell stories about Sam or Moira because those two have such big, suck all the atmosphere out of a room personalities.  Ginny is a quieter sort but, she's my rock.  Tolerant doesn't even begin to describe her.

Gin deals with her father - Sam - like any woman with an aging parent.  She worries about him, keeps an eye on him and gives him hell when she thinks he needs it.  She treats Moira like a college-age daughter.  She is patient when Moira tries on the crown of Queen Bitch but makes sure she knows that abdication of the throne is not in the near future.  Gin treats Bogey like the tween or teen boy that he is - she doesn't take any crap off the youngster but when he acts appropriately, she will give him the time of day.

Gin doesn't generally demand attention from anyone.  She loves to be petted and cuddle but she doesn't insert herself into every situation like some dogs I know.  She knows that her time with me is on the bed at night.  She's the only one who spends all night, every night on the bed and she lays close to the head of the bed with me.  Frankly, she's a bit of a bed hog but I let it go because she doesn't ask for much of anything else.

Gin is the dog that makes all the other dogs possible.  Without her, I would probably go insane.

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