Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Busy Day at the Dog Show

The Princess was entered in a show in Doswell, VA, today.  Our ring time was 8am which necessitated a 4am wake up call (Ugh).  We arrived at the show around 7:45 only to learn that the judge scheduled for today had taken ill and there was a judging change - and a ring time change.  New ring time?  11:45am.  Not amused.

Fortunately, we had friends and family to visit with.  Elizabeth and Jon Farleigh of The Chronicles of Cardigan came to the show to cheer for Miss G.  Also visiting were Builder Mama and her son.  We really appreciated the company and had a great time talking dogs in general and Cardigans in particular.
Georgia and Jon are littermates - you can see a little family resemblance in this photo.

We also took some pictures w/Brother Bogey (who is really a half-brother).

 Then it was time to get ready for the ring.

We came out of the ring with Reserve and some nice comments from the judge.  He said she's a nice girl who just needs to mature some.  Since she's just barely a year, I can't argue with that.

When we got home, we tried for some free-stack shots.  This was the best of the lot.  She's not stretched out as much as she should be and, unfortunately, she appears to have twigs growing out of the top of her head :)  I really need to get a copy of Photoshop and learn how to use it.....

Next weekend it is off to Atlanta and, hopefully, a major or two!


  1. Grats on the reserve...better than a slap on the face. ;)

    Nash is entered in Atlanta but since it didn't pull majors in boys, and I have a MILLION things going on right now, I don't think we're going. Good luck!!

  2. Aw, congrats Georgia! Did you get a nice plastic chewy thing as your reward?


    It was wonderful meeting you, UHM, and Elizabeth today. Monkey Man had a blast getting all that corgi luv. Have a safe and fun trip to Hotlanta!

  3. Great photos! Thanks again for hosting us at the show and for putting up with all my beginner questions. We had a GREAT time.
    UHM, great meeting you, too!
    Georgia, you are a beauty. :)

  4. Good to see some pics of your pretty girl.

    BTW - as a night owl myself, I too would have been less than amused for a ring time that much later than expected. Grrr...

  5. I thought the boys DID pull majors in Atlanta? If not, there's always the possibility of a cross over.....

    I'm not really a night owl, I'm a morning person but it's really not fair to ask someone to get up at 4am on a Sunday.