Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What to Call this Post?

The Usual Suspect
May I Have Another, Please?

Yes folks, stripped of its protective covering UHM's work-issued Blackberry has become a casualty of the reign of Princess Pretty Pants.  This is phone number three for the Princess.  The first was a joint effort by Georgia and her siblings when they were puppies.  The second belonged to the dog sitter who watched the dogs for us over Thanksgiving.  The Princess has officially used up her allowance for the next year - she's not going to have any spending money at the National now.


  1. January 16 - BOS over a special
    January 25 - destruction of a Blackberry

    Talk about Hero to Zero!

    My condolences on the trashed tech.

  2. Red = Naughty, but you knew that. Dang though, it gets spendy!

  3. Oh geez. Georgia, girl, haven't you figured out yet that they're not *real* blackberries?

  4. You'd think we could convince her to enjoy blueberries instead.

  5. There doesn't seem to be any protection there. I think it's time miss Georgia got sat down for THE TALK. (oops)

  6. When Maggie was a puppy/young dog I used to call her the "Corginator: Little Dog of Destruction." Looks like Georgia's taken on the title now....