Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Why It's Important to Use Protection

Georgia strikes again!  This time she went shopping in UHM's purse and came up with her work-issued BlackBerry.  Fortunately, the BlackBerry had a silicone skin on it.  The skin was the only thing damaged.  I'm not so sure UHM thinks that is a good thing.  Sometimes it would be nice to be incommunicado.


  1. Oops. Well, my sister's whippet puppy (9 months) so far has eaten the following: one FIOS remote, one stereo remote, one shoe out of seven different pairs of shoes, one sprinkler head in the yard, one Blackberry, and the feet of the Baby Jesus in my sister's nativity set. A lot of work for one month's time!

  2. OMG, LOVE the title. HAD to look.
    Sorry about the phone. Jon doesn't share GA's taste for expensive electronics (although he did chew up a cell phone charger and a USB cable). He's more about destroying wall-to-wall carpet and anything made of wood.

  3. Actually, the phone is fine - this time. She just got the silicone skin. Now, over Thanksgiving she did get the dog sitter's BlackBerry. That was a VERY expensive weekend.

    Oh Builder Mama - the Baby Jesus' feet? That's just too funny.....

  4. In the three months surrounding Chase's first birthday, he ate two Palm TREOs. Did you know after two replacements, the phone insurance in canceled? Darned dogs!

  5. Lots of dogs seem to have a thing for chewing up cell phones. They must have a delightful texture!

    I don't know how I got so lucky but neither Wilson nor Jimmy ever damaged anything other than a small nibble on the windowsill when the crate got a bit too close. They didn't even de-stuff any toys. Now, out on a walk, Jimmy can find the only chicken bone (cooked of course!) in a one mile square!