Saturday, January 8, 2011

Good Guests Help with Clean Up

Today The Horde hosted lunch for one of their favorite aunties, Auntie Karen. Karen lives in Dillwyn, VA, and she came up for the afternoon to have a belated birthday lunch. We ordered live mussels and lobster from Maine as the appetizer and entree, respectively. I also made roasted red potatoes and pulled some green beans from this summer's bounty out of the freezer. Dessert was a rhubarb crisp.

The Horde helped with lunch preparations by inspecting the lobster for quality:

After lunch, I had some help with the clean up:

This is Katie. She is a member of the Samily tree as well. Her daddy is Conner (Ch Woodrose All Things Considered HSAs), who is a Sam son. Karen brought Conner along as well.

We had 7 dogs here today and they are all related through Sam. There were 6 red dogs and 1 brindle. Four of the six are half-siblings. The siblings ranged in age from 11 1/2 (Ginny, from Sam's first litter) to 1 (Georgia, from Sam's most recent litter). We were able to let all the siblings run together in the back yard but it was too tough to get a picture of them all together. I tried for video too but they were never in the frame together and Conner kept jumping on me - I'm his favorite auntie.  It was quite a sight to see all those red dogs running amok :)


  1. Very impressive menu - and help. Can't wait to see the siblings in person. BTW - Jon's going back to the vet in the a.m.; he licked Fri. overnight and now there might be an infection. :(

  2. Poor JF! He'll be fine, don't worry. We're looking forward to see you too.