Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Georgia On My Mind

Gosh, it feels like I'm just not keeping up with my posts these days.  Last weekend was the Adventure in Atlanta.  UHM, Georgia, Bogey and I drove down to Atlanta on Friday for shows on Saturday & Sunday.  Then we drove home Monday via Chattanooga to visit The Ocho and their family.  Bogey and Georgia are actually great uncle and aunt to The Ocho.

All in a all, a good weekend.  Georgia was one of two girls in the 12-18 month class.  The other was her sister, Lilly.  Georgia won the class both days.  The Saturday judge asked Liz, who was handling Lilly, if the girls were sisters :)  Wonder what made him think that?  Because I am a bad dog mom and completely disorganized when it comes to taking pictures, I missed the opportunity to get shots of the girls and their mother, Lucy, together at the show.  UHM did take video of the girls in their class though.  As soon as I download it to the slowest computer on the planet, I'll post a link here.

Fortunately, there was someone at the show on Sunday with a good camera taking pictures.  Many thanks and kudos to Carol, aka Norman's Mom, from Norman's Daily Bark. She very graciously sent me pictures after I sent her an email via FB - even though she had no idea who I was.  Below is my favorite - don't you think it looks like I have great legs? :)
On the down & back.

When she wasn't at the show with me, UHM spent time this weekend visiting with friends and watching the Super Bowl.  I spent my non-show time making sure Georgia didn't destroy anything in the hotel room.  I'm pleased to report that the only casualty was a paperback book that I was reading.  The good news was, I was re-reading it so I already knew how it ended.

I'm not sure when the next show will be for Miss G.  Moira needs some Mommy & Me time here in the near future.  Our first agility trial of the year is the first weekend in March - I got the entry confirmation today.  Time to get training with the PuHead!


  1. Lovely picture of your girl - she looks like she's taking her job very seriously!

    Have fun with agility training. I just got a trial confirmation today, too. Gasp! It means I have to take my agility disaster on the road.

  2. Aw, beautiful Miss Georgia. Glad to hear she enjoyed the finer points of that book you were reading.

    Thanks for the Ocho report - I am getting really excited, only 2 days until puppy breath! And lots of smooshiness.

  3. Go GA! Nice photo, and not bad of Georgia either. :)