Friday, February 11, 2011

Pieces of Flair

In the movie Office Space, Jennifer Aniston's character is reprimanded by her boss at a TGIFridays-style restaurant for not having enough "pieces of flair" on her uniform.  "Flair" being cute pins or buttons with pithy sayings.  She pretty much tells her boss where he can put his flair.

Moira has a great piece of flair on her crate that stays in the car.  It's a sign that gets a lot of attention.  On a white background are three words in bold black print: "Warning: Strange Dog."  Somewhere I have a picture of Ra in her crate with that sign on it but I couldn't find it tonight.

Last month at the Fredericksburg shows there was a vendor making crate tags, kennel signs and the like.  UHM and I had discussed getting all the dogs crate tags engraved with their names so dog sitters and the like would know who was who - at least as long as they were in their crates.  So I picked out colors appropriate to each dog, paid my $37.50 and got crate tags for everyone.  Now all the dogs would have a little "flair" on their crates.

The tags came with white plastic jump rings to attach them to the wire crate doors.  I attached all the tags to the appropriate crates and when we got home the next day, Ginny, Georgia and Bogey had all removed their crate tags from their crates.  Ok.  Ginny's & Bogey's could be rehung with the existing jump rings but I needed to get new rings for Georgia.  So I bought metal ones and reattached her tag.  A couple days later, Ginny & Bogey actually broke the white plastic jump rings so their crate tags sat on the counter for a while.

At the show in Atlanta there was another vendor selling crate tags.  I got some new, metal jump rings from him so I could reattach Ginny's & Bogey's tags.  I did that last night.  When I got home today, Bogey's tag was fine.  Ginny's, however, looked like this:

See the metal jump rings at the top?  Those were a smaller, lighter version of the rings you put your house or car keys on.  They were 2 complete circles.

I think it's safe to say that Ginny doesn't want any flair on her crate.


  1. Yeah, seems she told you what she'd like you to do with her "flair." :) (Wow!)
    Think she could help me get a really thick car key on my key ring?

  2. That's pretty impressive for someone without opposable thumbs.

  3. Ginny has lots of impressive skills. Someday I'll tell you about the time she helped me clean out the refrigerator.