Saturday, October 9, 2010

What's in a Name?

The dogs that live here are known, collectively, as The Heathen Horde or sometimes just "The Horde."  Pretty much everyone knows them by that name.  At the 2009 National, UHM was walking them for me when someone stopped her and said, "That's The Horde but, you're not Dina."  Dogs that we are fond of but don't live with us are called "Associate Horde Members."

Last weekend I met a lady who has 3 black dogs - not sure of the breed(s) that she calls "The Legion of Darkness."  I thought that was spectacularly funny.

Anyone else have a name for their group of dogs?  I know there's the Trio of Trouble out there and Moira, Scout and Grace are sometimes referred to as the Trio of Terror (they're Halloween babies, after all).


  1. My group is the "baddogs" -- a name they've earned and are most proud of.

  2. I tend to call the girls in my house, and Magic by default "The BratPack". Of course there are a lot of other words they have been called at times, but I won't go there- today, they are being good.

  3. Since we run 4 groups, we have lots of names :) The Oldsters for Jes and Daisy, The Wild Children for Rio/Liza or Double Trouble, The Fizzies for Hookie/Phoebe, and Micki and the Featherheads for the last 3.

  4. We break the Horde into Big Dogs and Little Dogs or Big Dogs and Baby Dogs. With the addition of Georgia, Moira is now officially a Big Dog.