Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Change of Venue

Moira is entered in an agility trial this weekend.  She's actually just entered on Saturday and the only reason I entered the trial is because a friend from New England is judging.

Anyway, the trial was supposed to be held at a horse barn in NoVa.  We went to a trial there earlier this year and didn't do well at all.  The noise was more than my girl could deal with.  Over the weekend I got an email indicating that the horse barn was closing and they were looking for a new trial site.  Wow!  That happened fast! Those of you who are on trial committees know how far in advance these things are planned.  To lose a venue barely a week before an event is crazy-making.

This morning I got another email indicating a new trial site had been secured.  All in all, I like this site LOADS better.  We will be journeying to Morven Park in Leesburg, VA.  If you click on the Mansion and Grounds and scroll down you will see a map of the grounds.  The trial will take place in the area known as "The Green."  How cool is that?  What a beautiful place to spend a fall day!


  1. I love the Leesburg area, you should have a nice weekend! Good luck to Moira!

  2. Thanks. We're going to need it. She hasn't trialed since May and the only thing I really worked on over the summer was a start line stay. That's awesome :)