Sunday, October 17, 2010

Herding Boot Camp

D took Bogey and Georgia to Maryland for the CCWCC Specialty this weekend. I, UHM, quite happily remained at home with the rest of the Horde.  I was "invited" to make a Guest Post in her absence, so this is my first attempt to entertain and engage you.

Regular readers might know that I have only recently become acquainted with Cardigans and have fallen head over you-know-what for their quirky and laugh-inducing personalities.  I've been thinking about my limited exposure to their herding abilities, and how much I've become to love it so quickly.  Unfortunately although I've taken both Bo and G to be instinct tested (see photos from G's introduction last weekend - thanks Dana!), and Bo has had a few herding lessons, it hasn't been enough for any of us.  I crave that first herding “fix” feeling again -- not only could I (who knew nothing!) see that Bogey was hooked, but I also can’t forget the thrill of that occasional moment (I think once) of smooth perfection amidst the bedlam and confusion of a chasing dog and stampeding sheep.  Alas, our herding lessons seem to be over in a flash.  If only we lived on a sheep farm....  I'm looking for a very focused learning opportunity for both Bo and me.  A weekend isn't enough for us.  
Has anyone been to a herding boot camp before?  What was it like?  Would you go again?  I'd love to hear your thoughts pro and con for such an experience.

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