Sunday, July 31, 2011

On A Tear

I've been on a grooming tear for the last three weeks.  It was prompted by Georgia starting to blow coat with a big cluster of shows coming up.  So, for the last 3 Sundays she's been brushed, blown out, bathed and then blown out again.  Oh, and had her nails done too.  And, as long as I had the grooming table out, everyone else got some attention as well.  Today, Sam & Ginny got baths too.

Even though I end up inhaling and ingesting a lot of dog hair when everyone gets groomed like this, I actually enjoy grooming the dogs.  It can be incredibly relaxing to have a dog up on the table.  I get very focused and quiet and, fortunately, most of the dogs can relax on the table too.  The only one I worry about is Sam because, as he's gotten older, he's not always sure where his rear end is.  He has a tendency to let that back end drop off the table so I have to keep an eye on him and adjust his positioning a lot.  I'm thinking about buying a table that has a larger top and is slightly lower to make grooming him a little easier.  Of course, that will have to wait until I'm working again but, window-shopping for dog gear is always fun :)

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