Monday, July 18, 2011

Official Birthday Portrait

British Royalty get official birthday portraits so why shouldn't the Queen of The Horde has an official portrait as well?  Today is Ginny's (Cardiridge Red Ginger 'Spice') 12th birthday.  To celebrate, UHM and I took her up to the community pond in our subdivision to take some pictures.  Then we brought her home to have soft serve ice cream with the rest of the family.  Gin is aging really well.  She's just starting to show signs of stiffness in her joints and it seems she's probably lost some hearing but, like many red heads, she's aging well.  Hard to believe this girl didn't finish her championship but she made it clear fairly early on that she didn't really want to be a show dog.

Pretty darn good stack for a girl who never got a single point!

My Mary Poppins dog - Practically Perfect in Every Way


  1. Happy Birthday, beautiful girl! I hope you enjoyed your ice cream and sausage!

  2. Happy Birthday Auntie Ginny. We think you are beautiful and fully support your decision not to waste time in the show ring.

  3. Happy Barkday Ginny! She looks great!

  4. Just because you and the Red Dawgs (especially the Birthday Girl) rock my world, I nominated your blog for the Versatile Blogger Award. Come on by the Shaggy Dog Stories blog to pick up your badge: