Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Shaving the Cat

One word - Don't.

I should probably add some detail here, huh?  Grace, my cat, is a 14 yr old DLH (Domestic Long Hair).  I've always been lucky that she hasn't had issues with matting but lately, my luck has run out.  I know it's getting harder for her to keep herself clean and the upshot is she is getting a lot of mats.  She doesn't like to be combed or brushed out so the only option is to cut the mats out.  That's not a big deal if it's a mat here or there but in the last couple weeks it's become more of an issue than that.

I already spoke w/Dr. Hillary about sedating Grace and shaving her but, hey, it was a long holiday weekend and I am a DIY kinda gal.  I have an electric clipper so why shouldn't I attempt this on my own?  Number one reason?  The electric clipper I have is designed to shave out paw pads on dogs, not shave down an entire cat.

Grace now has a big bald spot on one side.  This morning I went after some more mats with my thinning shears.  So, basically, Grace looks like a drunken groomer got a hold of only one side of  her.  Thank goodness it's the side she usually sleeps on!

When Dr. Hillary gets the clinic open, I'll stuff Grace into a carrier and run her down there to have everything evened up.  In the meantime, someone should probably take my scissors away.


  1. Well, on the one hand I'm relieved that you didn't get mauled and need stitches and/or a tetanus shot. On the other hand, I feel bad for your kitty. :( I've never had anything but DSHs, so I can't really relate, but I can imagine the mats are uncomfortable and frustrating. I hope she likes her "lion" cut that's coming.

  2. Poor Kitty! She must have been mighty embarrassed, and annoyed with you! On the other hand, it makes for a funny post! Hope to see a photo of the final hairdo.

  3. It's not that bad! We can't take away your scissors or Bogey can't get his regular "ear lift!"