Friday, August 5, 2011

Class Pictures

Ahh yes, summer is coming to a close (at least chronologically if not meteorologically) and thoughts turn to back to school.  New school clothes (my personal fave), new school supplies (lunch box anyone? or are those passe?) and class pictures.

I won't share any of my old class pictures.  I think they are all in storage anyway and, generally speaking, incredibly unflattering with the exception of 5th grade.  In the spirit of those class pictures, we took the dogs to Chris Green Lake yesterday to get some head shots.  Let me just say that Moira and Bogey are terrific models, the rest of them are difficult to work with.  Sam is too excited about being out of the house, Ginny is too excited about having grass to eat and Georgia is still too young to really want to hold still.  None the less, here are some of the better photos from today....

Sam, he's actually an alum.  Can you guess which fraternity he pledged?

This is an oldy, but goody of Gin.  She just didn't want to have her picture taken.

Moira.  The other really good shot of her looked like a mug shot.

Bogey.  Doesn't this look like your classic 'senior portrait?'  The pensive, staring into space look.

And our 'first grader,' Georgia.


  1. With Bogey's pictures, I'm envisioning our pictures from DRHS, Class of '88 complete with laser beam effect in the background....

  2. Love the photos. :) G is still JF's feminine twin.

    Hope you all got back home from GSO in one piece.