Thursday, September 30, 2010

To Whom it May Concern

I know we here in Virginia have been concerned about the extremely dry summer and fall.  With a rainfall deficit of more than 11", we needed to be.  However, we did not wish to have the deficit made up in a 24 hour period.

Ok, it might not be totally made up in a 24 hour period but it sure doesn't seem that way.  It is POURING and Georgia doesn't like to do her business in the rain.  It's going to be a long 24 hours.


  1. I agree! We're in the Richmond area and it's been raining for what seems like days. Today, I left our cardi inside since there's supposed to be thunderstorms - one time he escaped during a freak thunderstorm and was gone for three days. :-( He was very happy to sequester himself under the kitchen table for the day.

  2. My guys are inside all the time. Typically, rain doesn't bother them too much but heavy rain like this doesn't amuse them. Fortunately, the new landscaping in the back yard means they only come in wet, not muddy!

  3. We're in the same boat, not pun intended, here in New York as well.