Sunday, September 5, 2010

Hurricane Georgia

Has made landfall in Virginia :)  Today was Georgia's first full day in residence with the Horde and she's already fitting in like she's spent her entire life here.  

She and Bogey are absolutely joined at the hip, and the throat, and the back of the neck....  They wrestle and play and chase constantly.  Then they collapse next to each other and sleep.  I don't think Bogey knew how much work being a big brother was going to be.

Moira and Georgia need to work some things out.  Georgia is trying very hard to assert herself as higher on the social ladder than Ra.  Ra's not really sure how she should handle that since it's the first time she's been challenged that way.  She's rolled Georgia a couple of times but this is going to take a while to resolve itself.  In the meantime, I'm making sure Ra gets lots of attention and praise for being a good girl.

Ginny ignores Georgia and Georgia treats Ginny with all the respect she is due.  Smart puppy.  You don't mess with the Queen.

And Sam, well, Sam is acting how he always acts with young dogs.  He dislikes them intensely so we are keeping Georgia and Sam strictly separated.

One more day off this weekend and then we'll see how all this translates to the real world.

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