Monday, September 20, 2010

I Think She Can Tell Time

It's not uncommon to hear about dogs who "know" when their people are due home from work or when it's supper time but I am convinced that Moira has somehow figured out how to actually read the digital clock in my room.  How else can you explain that she has gotten up at 4:17 every morning for the last 2 weeks.  I mean it!  I actually look at the clock when she starts making noise and it is always 4:17.  Can someone please help me understand this?


  1. Her sister will do the same thing - several days in a row wake up at the same ungodly hour. Happily, that time is now around 6:30, which I can deal with.

  2. Ra has been an extra early riser since puppyhood. I can deal w/5:30 - if she lets me go back to bed until 6 or so but 4:17 is ridiculous!

  3. She's not kidding. It's uncanny. But Ra is an odd little dog whom we love dearly.