Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sweet Tea

We've been suffering through scorching hot temps here the last few days and that means hydration is key.  I know the best thing for hydration is water but let's face it, sometimes you want something more.  In the summer, I like sweet tea.  The dogs like it too but I try not to let them have any.  Moira, however, has determined she can steal mine if I leave the glass unattended and within her reach.

Sweet tea used to be a uniquely southern beverage but I understand McDonald's is now carrying it in most of their restaurants.  And I won't lie, their sweet tea is pretty darned good - especially at $1 plus tax.  When I'm home though I like to make my own.

We are drinking around a gallon of sweet tea a week right now so I make it on Sunday afternoons to last the rest of the week.  There's nothing magical about making sweet tea but, I'll share my recipe with you all.  If you aren't a fan of sweets, then you probably won't like this but I promise, there are few things more satisfying on a hot summer day than a big glass of iced sweet tea with a wedge of lemon.  Think of it as Kool Aid for adults.

6 cups water
4 family-size tea bags (Luzianne or your favorite black tea)
1 1/4 to 1 1/2 cups of sugar

Bring 6 cups of water to boil in a large pan.  Boil one minute then remove from heat.  Add 4 family-size tea bags and cover.  I prefer Luzianne decaf but you can't get that brand everywhere so go with your favorite black tea.  Steep for 5 minutes.

Remove tea bags, squeezing out as much water as possible.  Add sugar while tea is still hot and stir to dissolve.  Pour into a 1 gallon container and fill to top with cool water.  Refrigerate.  Serve over ice.  Enjoy!


  1. We like the unsweet variety and extra strong! But still equally refreshing for those of us that cannot or don't like sugar.

  2. Ut oh... Now I have a recipe, Leonard will be wanting me to make it for him. He LOVES sweet tea. He got hooked on it when he lived in NC.

  3. You can certainly play w/the sugar amounts as well. I found 1.5 cups a little too sweet and 1.25 just about right.

    Holly - if you can't find Luzianne up your way, and I'm pretty sure you can't - let me know and I will send you a box. It really is the best for iced tea.

  4. Yum I think I'll have to go home to make some this afternoon! I've missed sweet tea while I've been away:-))

  5. Funny, being raised in the South I always had sweet tea available, now I normally make it with about 1 cup of sugar and with green tea, since my husband is sensitive to black tea. The green tea is lovely and light for hot summer days. I also make herbal sweat tea, it's super good.

  6. Sweet tea is the house wine of the south!