Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Day 1

Yesterday was the first day of our yard renovation project.  Which is great except that we weren't expecting them to start work yesterday!  Consequently, we hadn't done a toy pick up in the yard.  Unaccounted for and presumably lost are Hedgie and (sob) the "baby" Moira came home with five years ago.

They dismantled an 8 ft. section of fence so they could bring a tractor into the yard to start putting down topsoil and delineating where the pathways will be.

The fence along the far left side of this shot, running out perpendicular to the steps,  will be replaced with picket to create a small, separate dog yard for visitors or when some dogs don't get along with each other....

In the next two shots you can see the 2 connecting paths that sort of circle the yard.  My only concern is, Moira ignored them both in favor of dashing right through the middle of the fresh topsoil to get to the bottom.  She doesn't believe in taking the scenic route?

Like any boy, Bogey just had to get on the big tractor.  Ok, it wasn't Bogey's idea, he couldn't care less about tractors.  His mom, UHM, is the one with the tractor obsession.

The landscaping people will be back today to do more work.  I'm not sure exactly what is on the agenda but I'm sure there will be more pictures to post tonight.


  1. That looks like quite a big project! You have a nice yard....

  2. It's a terrific space but wasn't very attractive. The heavy shade and steep slope made trying to grow grass impossible. With this remodel, we won't have grass but the erosion will be controlled and, most importantly, the dogs won't be able to get AS dirty when it rains. It will also be an area with a lot of interest for both canines and humans.