Sunday, July 11, 2010

Mystery Date - Revealed

Some of you may remember we had a house guest back in March - Miss Georgia.  She was on her way to a show home in Maryland.

Unfortunately, that placement didn't work out.  It wasn't anyone's fault, she just wasn't quite what the breeder who bought her had in mind.  So, Liz, Georgia's breeder, drove up from North Carolina to pick her up.  The ladies spent the night with us here in Virginia.

Georgia is just 6 months old now and is growing up quite nicely.  She was a bit of a wiggler on the table but we managed to get these shots of her.  She's still got a lot of growing up and filling out to do but she's looking very nice.

She also managed to fit in quite well with the rest of the Horde.  Which is a good thing because she will be coming back at the beginning of September for an extended and, possibly, permanent stay.

If all goes well on an extended basis, her registered name will be Cadnoclun Fairway Cinderella Story and I will be handling her in the breed ring.  She'll also get chances to try herding and agility since if you want to be Horde member, you have to do more than look pretty.


  1. How exciting -- lucky for her she's red or there would be no deal!

  2. Well, you know if all your dogs are the same color - the neighbors don't know how many you have :)

  3. Oh, lucky you! She's a cutey! And I like your theory on dog numbers!

  4. You are so lucky, she is a pretty girl. And red! I love the reds!