Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Yacht is Ready for Castoff

I spent the better part of today doing spring cleaning on the Dawg Yacht.  For most folks, detailing the interior of a car is fairly simple - shake out, vacuum and shampoo car mats, vacuum interior, wipe down interior, wash windows and you are done.  With the Dawg Yacht, it's a little different.

First, all accumulated trash must be removed from vehicle.  Then all crates must be removed.  Did I mention I have a vehicle that is intended to seat 7 passengers but only has enough seating for 1?  All but the front seat has been folded down or removed to make room for crates.  I typically have 4 crates in the car at all times; a 400 and 3, 300s.  The canvas drop cloth that lines the cargo area is removed, shaken out and then thrown in the washer.  Then I can get down to the business of a regular detailing.

When all the detailing is done, you'd think I could pour myself a beverage and relax on the deck.  No, because all those crates I mentioned in the previous paragraph need to be cleaned out as well.  So those get vacuumed and wiped out.  Then the canvas drop cloth goes back in the now clean and vacuumed cargo area and all the crates get loaded in again too.

The pre-National cleaning is a little different though.  There's almost always some sort of cargo area reconfiguration that must take place.  Last year, I had to install one of the back seats again because I was going to have an additional 2-legged passenger.  This year, I need to bring an extra crate to the National because Conner will be visiting me.

So the Yacht is now clean on both the inside and the outside (thank you Understanding Housemate).  It contains the usual contingent of dog paraphernalia (collars, bowls, leashes, etc), an extra crate (the count is now 2, 400s and 3, 300s) and enough room for all my National luggage.  Now to keep it clean and organized for another week.


  1. That sounds like it was a lot of work! I am going to leave mine dirty!

  2. Taryn: It had been such a while since I cleaned and organized that I was starting to have a hard time finding things :) I was worried I'd lose a dog in there.