Sunday, April 4, 2010

Recipe for a Perfect Easter Weekend

Day 1 - Good Friday 
Order and get AMAZING weather.  Temps in the upper 70s and low humidity.
Leave work early.
Get superb pedicure - first of season and first professional pedicure in many years.
Have cocktails and dinner with 6 smart, funny girlfriends.

Day 2 - Saturday
Order and get AMAZING weather, again.
Bathe and groom youngest dog.
Go to neighbors' house for dinner.  Eat terrific food and laugh.
Dye Easter eggs.

Day 3 - Easter Sunday
Order and get more AMAZING weather.
Have Fat Girls' Breakfast ( Bacon and Grits w/Parmesan cheese, YUM!).
Bathe and groom 3 dogs.
Drink Co-cola w/lime (I gave up soda for Lent).
Get first sunburn of the year.
Have delicious dinner of smoked turkey breast, sweet potatoes and beets.
Go to bed on fresh sheets with clean, wonderful smelling dogs.

Of course, this recipe can be used for any weekend!  Hope you all had a wonderful time as well.

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